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Ekonomikas ministrija iepazīstina Latvijas būvkonstruktorus ar labo praksi būvkonstrukciju projektēšanā Eiropas valstīs


From the beginning of 2019 all state-owned and municipal new buildings must be nearly zero-energy buildings. From 2021 all new buildings must achieve this level of energy efficiency.

The Passive House standard is known as the world's most energy-efficient building standard, so its use in building construction will allow every facility to achieve a mandatory near-zero energy standard.

The CMB Engineering Competence Center in cooperation with association “Passive House Latvia” offers an opportunity to become an internationally certified passive house craftsman or designer by passing the Passive House Institute (Germany) exam.

In 2019 we have implemented two types of training:

  • Basic principles of passive house design and construction (32 h)

The purpose of this course is to provide construction professionals with basic knowledge and skills in the construction and renovation of passive buildings. The purpose of the training is to deliver the basics of passive buildings to a wide audience in the construction field.

  • Passive House Designer Course (80 h)

There is a specialized course regarding design of passive houses made for architects and engineers to promote the design and construction of very low energy buildings. This qualification is the industry standard for those who design passive houses abroad. This course enables architects and engineers, etc. construction industry professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge of building design, construction and maintenance processes to achieve the passive house energy efficiency, comfort and construction standard.

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