About CMB Competence Center

To build safe and sustainable buildings, an engineer has to learn his entire life. The CMB Engineering Competence Center, which belongs to CMB group, offers state-of-the-art professional training in construction and real estate in cooperation with industry professionals in Latvia and abroad.

Our team consists of recognized experts and practitioners in construction industry who want to share on their expertise and experience through training. The training concept is based on theory and practice.

Our training center is an adult education institution licensed by the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council, whose training programs are approved by certification bodies of building specialists. Certificates issued are valid for professional development credit points.

Our competence center will provide you with practical knowledge and skills in many construction areas. To know well is more important than to know much.

Nelda Elsiņa
Nelda ElsiņaManager of CMB Engineering Competence Centre
Nelda ElsiņaManager of CMB Engineering Competence Centre
Master's Degree in business administration and marketing. Bachelor's degree in foreign language pedagogy and English philology. 15 years of experience in the management of engineering training centres in construction sector in private and public sectors, as well as in the preparation and management of EU-funded training programs. 20 years experience in co-operation project management, marketing, communication, service development in Latvia, Baltic States and Europe.


  • Noted local and foreign experts
  • Lecturers rich in practical experience
  • Reliable cooperation partners


  • Educate on engineering issues
  • Offer innovative trainings in construction
  • Become a noted technical training provider


  • Training concept based on theory & practice
  • A licensed adult education institution
  • Training programs approved by certification institutions