BIM tehnoloģijas: Ievads (1.līmenis)
BIM tehnoloģijas: Ievads (1.līmenis)

BIM tehnoloģijas: Ievads (1.līmenis)

Date and Duration:
2021.gada 29.janvārī, plkst.10:00-15:00
Venue of Event:
Ventspils iela 48, Rīga
Jānis Berķis
127,20 EUR + PVN ar ESF līdzfinansējumu. Atbalsta intensitāte 70% / 60% / 50%.

Description of the programme

The training course is organized together with the Latvian Construction Industry Digitalization Association.
Theory – 4 hours, practical classes – 1 hour.
Contents of the course:

  • The essence of building information modelling: what is and what is not BIM?
  • Why to use BIM? What are the benefits?
  • What information can the BIM model contain?
  • How to apply BIM throughout the construction life cycle?
  • From the idea of ​​construction to renovation or demolition.
  • Latvian BIM project case studies. Examples from the experience of other countries.
  • Problems and solutions in Latvian BIM projects.
  • How to implement BIM in the enterprise - software, standards, training and barriers.
  • Questions and answers.

Janis Berkis

Janis Berkis
Janis Berkis Member of the Board of ITED Ltd. and Chairman of the Board of the Construction Industry Digitization Association.

Chairman of LVS / Standardization Technical Committee No. 56 «Building Information Modelling» and Latvian representative of CEN / Technical Committee No. 442 «Building Information Modelling». Holder of a professional master's degree in construction at the Riga Technical University. Seven years of experience in BIM modelling, coordination, management and implementation. Participated in the development of the BIM manual and LVS 1052: 2018 BIM terminology standard, as well as BIM experience transfer trips to Denmark and Finland. Developed and led the RISEBA BIM course for master degree students. A consultant of Latvian Union of Civil Engineers and InfoEra lecturer.